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LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion


We use LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim which is a program for modelling and analysing multi-domain 1D systems.                        
To model the flexibility of mechanical structures and the associated electronic and hydraulic interactions we use  LMS Virtuel.Lab Motion joining the 1D and 3D models.                        
To construct the computer model of the system, we call on a number of libraries which simulate a wide variety of applications  (Oil & Gas, Aeronautic, Railway, Heavy Goods vehicles, Agricultural machinery, Earthworking machinery, Hoisting machinery, …).  These libraries of predefined components over a wide variety of different physical domains enable us to model and simulate the behaviour of organs or machines under normal working conditions.                        
We include the analysis of structural deformations and vibrations to understand their influence on the whole system so as to optimise your technology.                        
We can generate and watch a film of your applications working/in motion, which enables us to see the dynamic behaviour and the context of any abnormal phenomena, and thus answer your questions abot the proposed system.