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  • 4D Co-Simulation

      Issue     - Design a new hoisting system in a very limited time scale       Method     - Model in 1D & 3D & run 4D Simulation -Identify the mechanical instabilities    



    - Identification and elimination of the root causes - We optimise both the control and the components used






  • Railway Braking

    Issue Purchasing dept asks about the performances of available technologies : - What is the energy consumption due to static leaks? At what operating cost? Method - We modelled each available technology- We did simulations and analysis of performance for the client's working conditions Solution - In view of the specifications, we chose the best availble solution et we determined the ideal characteristics for each component.- Each component ...
  • Dynamic Equilibrum



    R&D needs to design a cable-feeder to work in tunnels : - We need to design a hydraulic system capable of advancing and overcoming obstacles (platforms, raised areas)       Method


    - We model the system - We incorporate the proposed hydraulic system - We simulate how it advances





    - We verify that its behavior is conform - We adjust parameters as necessary  
  • Emergency Braking

    Issue - R&D notes that the emergency braking distance exceeds the legally required limit in Italy.- Resolving the issue must not increase the machine's cost Method - We model the machine's hydrostatic transmission, the chassis and the road holding forces - We simulate the emergency braking scenario Solution - We add a valve to the circuit (patented concept) ...
  • Pneumatic Hammer

      Issue   - Customer service reports a significant loss of percussive power due to pressure instabilities.         Method   - We model the hydraulic circuit and the hammer          Solution


    - We find a huge amount of hysteresis in the primary pressure limiter and we propose a straightforward solution.




    Issue - The operational director reports Suck & Blow phenomena (intempestive water expulsion) during laying of undersea pipeline in spite of the anti-return system. Method - We did finite element modelling of the pipe and the check valves.- We found resonnances with the natural modes Solution - We added valves to the reservoir - CEREBRUM Engineering has enriched the technical understanding of ...
  • Hydraulic Manlift

    Issue - Following a technical upgrade, R&D dept discovers serious dynanamic instability problems with the aerial platform' Method - We model the entire hydraulic arm - Our calculations predict the same phenomenon : We write the transfer functions => We identify the parameter causing instability Solution - Results correlated by simulation ...
  • Check Valve

    Issue - The valve developped by the client's R&D dept does not achieve the dynamic and hydraulic requirements. Method - We model the valve using AMEsim- CFD modelling- We run computer simulations varying the valve's geometrical parameters to find those which give the best performance Solution - We propose the geometry which enables design requirements to be ...
  • Powershift Valve

    Issue - Customer service reports that a clienth has complained about unsatifactory gear changing - The supplier of ‘Powershift’ no longer has the technical know-how about it Method - We model the parts o We reproduce the behaviour o We identify the cause- We improve the design Solution - We validate by computer model, build the prototype and confirm performance on test rig ...
  • Self-Propelled Mower

    Issue - We had to design a valve to control the hydrostatic transmission without using an electrical control system Method - We designed the valve and we tested that it would work correctly by using AMEsim to model the machine, its châssis and the road-holding forces. Solution - The valve fulfilled all the design requirements- We patented the concept. To simulate braking with tyre pressure incorporated in ...
  • Mechanical Test Bench



    - A university asked us to determine the electrical characteristics of a control unit for a test bench and to model the bench in 1D to validate its design       Method


    - By using computer modelling, we verified the mechanical integrity and the deformations of the test bench, and characterized the circuit        Solution


    - We produced a test bench corresponding to requirements  
  • Diesel Injector



    - The disigner of this diesel injector wished verify its features and optimise its performance.         Method


    - Our expertise in high pressure hydraulics enabled us to reliably model  the injector using AMESim.






    - We could recommend all the dimensional parameters which have an affect on the injector's performance.  


  • Internal R&D : Trailer Behavior



    - How can we prevent trailers which transport liquids from overturning?



    - We model both the tractor and the trailer. - We provide limiting boundary conditions  




    - We determine the maximum allowable liquid levels relative to the type of terrain